Friday, 30 December 2005

Astra Night - Servo

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10 December 2005
The night of re-living the pre-Metros drinking in Sau's old Holden Astra has finally happened! Check out the pics on a mad, mad, crazy night!

Pre-Holden Astra drinks at Jeff's place

Pretty boy from left to right: Sau, Will, Charith, Mikael, Jarrad


Jeff, Alvin and Lisa were not impressed by the pre-Astra drinks

THE Holden Astra! Pimp ride!

Mobile Service Station Car Park

Jeff watering the bricks.. coz it looked dehydrated

Mahesh joins the crew! We'll drink to that!

Sau and Alvin have turned into tomatoes

Double thumbs up for good time!

The car that Sau did NOT reverse into...

.. see! No damages! That corner scratch has always been there!

Too much love between bruddas'
Jarrad REALLY loves the Astra

Sau rehydrates the dry brick wall as well

Oh no...

You guys owe me big time for editing this photo. It was downright disgusting

Last few rounds in the Astra.

Last photo before heading out to Metros!!

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